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Our Experts

Besides being assisted in operations and project by company founders Richard and Samantha Wilkins, we have William Wilkins the CEO and the following consultants.

Cormac Brown

Head of Business Consulting

Cormac has over 19 years of experience and specialises in offering business management solutions for planning , strategy building, resource training and various other aspect. Currently he heads a team of over 500 people to provide the best management consulting services to our clients across Sydney and New South Wales.

Amanda Jenkins

Head of Customer Experience

Amada is an irreplaceable part of our team with her 15 years of experience as a business consultant. She is a valuable resource for her customer experience enhancement expertise, in-depth knowledge of business development. Currently, she heads a team of over 100 to provide business solutions and insights.

Ciara Daunt

Senior Manager

Ciara is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to business management and financial planning. She has been in the industry for over 12 years and helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs establish themselves in various industries. She is our go to person for these requirements.

Alan Dalton

Senior Manager

Alan has over 12 years of experience especially in resource training and allocation. Many companies struggle with identifying, analysing and utilising their resources correctly and optimally. Alan and his team help with such issues to enable businesses to thrive.

Pete Hearn

Senior Consultant

Pete has over 10 years of experience as a business consultant. Over the years, he has worked with multiple reputed management consulting firms in Sydney, NSW and gained extensive expertise in financial management and transformation. Also, his contribution to risk management is significant.

David Lou

Senior Consultant

With over 13 years of experience of managing operations efficiencies, David is a valuable part of our organisation. He excels offering emerging and established business a fresh perspective related to their expenditures, profits, resource costs and other factors that determine financial optimisation.

Vikki Marshal

Senior Consultant

Vikki has over 10 years of experience and with her skill, she helps our clients make target audience strategies, leadership development, talent acquisition, and much more. She is a through professional with great analytical versatility and a go getting attitude that endears her to clients making them come back.

Al Seawright

Senior Consultant

Al specialises in international business, industrial good/services, operational efficiency and various other fields of management consulting, making him a jack of all trades. He has over 10 years of experience and his skill make our team strong and able to retain clients who love his polite and professional manner.

Mitilda Lloyd

Senior Consultant

Mili has been a part of the company since its inception and started as a trainee. With dedication, passion and hard work, she has become an irreplaceable part of our company. She specialises in business management and development and helps with offering services for planning, strategising, policy making, growth and more.

Client Stories

“After trying to manage expenses and keep up with the changing market for over a year, I finally sought the assistance of MBM to help keep my business afloat. Thanks to their excellent team and expertise, today I am running my company successfully and really happy I took their advice.”

Caden Len

Business Owner

“I am a social media influence with zero business sense. So, when my sister suggested I take assistance of Mark Byrne Management to enhance by brand and help me grow as a business person, I did! And, I am so glad because they helped me realise my potential and achieve my goals of gaining financial security and hire a team to help establish my business.”

Kyle Jason


“Managing a profit and paying salaries of my employees was a struggle during COVID pandemic in 2020. I had tried every tactic known to me to keep my business running, but everything failed. That’s when I sought professional help from MBM and they helped my business survive and prevent many people from becoming jobless. MBM is my trusted partner that I rely on for guidance, assistance and solutions.”

Thomas Barton


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